Province of Manitoba Officially Declares October 25th to be Dwarfism Awareness Day

Winnipeg Sun - Dwarfism Day - cropped

October 25th is recognized as Dwarfism Awareness Day by the Little People of America (LPA).  The LPA was started in 1957 with actor Billy Barty and 20 short-statured friends.  The first LPA meeting was monumental for a group of people who were severely mislabeled and misunderstood by society.  Today, various Little People organizations exist worldwide, including Little People of Manitoba because of Billy Barty and his commitment to inclusiveness and his dedication to our community.

In declaring October 25 as Dwarfism Awareness Day, LPM will continue to raise positive awareness around dwarfism, address common misconceptions, and increase opportunities for people with dwarfism around the Province.

It is our mission to create awareness and to educate the general public about dwarfism; to promote a positive image of people of short stature; to provide social, emotional and educational support to people of short stature and our families; to encourage life-long friendships; and to enhance life opportunities for all little persons in Manitoba. In addition and through advocacy, we one day hope to eradicate the term “midget’ from everyone’s vocabulary. The term is offensive by people of short stature.

On October 25th wear green in support of Dwarfism Awareness Day.


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