Board of Directors

LPM Board of Directors (2016):

President:  Samantha Rayburn Trubyk
Samantha Photo
Samantha (Sam) has been involved with LPM since her youth and previously served the organization as Trustee, before recently being elected to the President position.  Sam has a positive outlook on life and truly likes herself, and she strongly believes that through hard work, you can achieve anything.  She holds a bachelors degree from the University of Manitoba and is currently employed as a Labour Relations Specialist.  Sam’s goal is to educate others and she is dedicated to the Awareness Program, regularly volunteering her time to speak to groups about life as a Little Person.  Most importantly, Sam has a son,  who is also an LP making him the first, second-generation LP in the history of LPM.

Vice President: Debbie Winters
Debbie joined LPM in 2012 when her daughter (Clare) was born and quickly became a dedicated contributor to the ongoing success of the organization.  Debbie served for two very productive terms as the President before stepping down into the role of Vice President. Debbie has been instrumental in promoting many of the recent changes that LPM has undertaken to remain current, fresh and relevant in today’s world.

Treasurer:  Connie Lidster
Connie has been a life long member of LPM and continues to be among the most successful advocates for promoting a positive image of Little People in Manitoba.  Connie served 9 consecutive years as President, and 2016 marks the beginning of her third year in the role of Treasurer.

Secretary:  TBD

Trustee:  Jodean Adam
Jodean became a member of LPM for the benefit of her daughter (Sam) and has always been a huge supporter of the organization.  When the Vice President position unexpectedly became vacant at the end of 2013, Jodean jumped into the role feet first and helped see the organization successfully through a time of radical changes.  In 2016 Jodean took on a new role in LPM, being elected to the Trustee position.

Trustee:  Cindy Manteuffel
Cindy has been involved with LPM for more than 20 years.