Province of Manitoba Officially Declares October 25th to be Dwarfism Awareness Day

October 25th is recognized as Dwarfism Awareness Day by the Little People of America (LPA).  The LPA was started in 1957 with actor Billy Barty and 20 short-statured friends.  The first LPA meeting was monumental for a group of people who were severely mislabeled and misunderstood by society.  Today, various Little People organizations exist worldwide,... Continue Reading →


Manitoba Human Rights Code Protects Physical Size (Bill 200 Passes)

The Little People of Manitoba (LPM) is proud to have been a part of the Manitoba Human Rights Code Amendment, which now provides legislated protection against discrimination based on physical size.  You can read about Bill 200 here:  The Human Rights Code Amendment Act (Bill 200) LPM would like to recognize The Honourable Jon Gerrard and... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Little People of Manitoba (LPM)

The Little People of Manitoba (LPM) is a non-profit, charitable organization, dedicated to creating awareness about the prominent issues affecting people with dwarfism, and providing social support for Little People in Manitoba. We are just in the process of updating our webpage, so check in frequently to see what's new. Our Main Menu pages have all been... Continue Reading →

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are little people so small? A:  This question is the most common question asked to a little person. When asked by a child, the best answer to give is they were born that way. Inform the child that being small is the same reason of them having brown hair, or blue eyes. It... Continue Reading →

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